Malibu Creek State Park, Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu, California

You find this place in nature, in the Malibu Creek State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains. This place has a strong connection to the starlight system of the Pleiades. Here the Native Americans used to celebrate the Pleiades because of their wisdom of unity and here I had the vision of creating places of unity by myself. If you connect to the light of the Pleiades at this place, you can feel unity in your heart chakra especially if you are standing near the tree, where the energy of unity is anchored in the earth. I created a place of unity near the tree to say thank you to this place, to Mother Earth and to the holy wisdom of the Pleiades. I used stones and wood from around the tree and put a quartz crystal in the middle. After the initiation the appearance of the crystal changed. It seemed like a very vivid being. If you visit the park, you probably won´t see the place, as it looks on the picture above, anymore. Nature is changing constantly. But the energy of unity will still be there.

Lybie Hund, 07/24/2018.