Places of unity

Places of unity are crystalline power places which unite heaven and earth. Being supported by the golden light of the new age, they invite us and other worlds to experience unity. The energy of the places manifests a new flow of love and peace in its environment. It reminds us of being one with ourselves as well as being one with all.

Places of unity can be created in nature or on private properties.

During the creation process of a place of unity the crystals are first connected with starlight. Then they connect themselves to the earth via crystalline energy lines.

Once initiated a place creates unity and reminds us of unity. Transforming polarities it inspires us and the subtle worlds in building new and peaceful forms of community.

Places of unity are crystalline power places and made of crystals. They are created as a circle and one crystal is placed in the middle. This crystal carries white Christ light and connects heaven and earth. Having been initiated during a special ceremony the place reveals its unique starlight qualities.

A place of unity stays permanently active, even if its outer appearance changes or disappears like it happens in nature.

The supporting power while creating a place of unity is unconditional love.